Love and Depositions


Directors: Mollye Maxner, Acadia Barrengos, Marina Zurita

Scenic Designers: Melissa Owens Smith and Erin Morales

Pod Artists: Carew Henry, Jules Lightbeam, Abel Bronne-Hammer, and Pablo Gonzalez

Lighting Designer: Wheeler Moon

Costume Designer:  Sara Petty

Wig and Makeup: Syuan Zeng

This devised piece began by exploring the text of Trojan Women.  The rabbit hole then led us to explore intimacy, the after math of war, and sacrifice. The show took place in a back lot filled with trash and gravel.  We were taskedwith the challenge of transforming it. As scenic designers we were responsible for the overall layout of the space (including covid compliance), the design of 5 of the 9 individual actor pods, and painted a mural outside of the space.  We also coordinated with the pod artist to maintain the overall asthetic while the piece developed. This beast of a show was no small task, but a labor of love. 

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